Ready for True Love


The modern guide for ladies, gents, Daters and Couples who want to experience and enjoy True Love in their lifetime.

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Am I Dateable for True Love?

Are you really, truly ready for a True Love relationship?

What about the cutie you have your eye on... are they Dateable for True Love as well?

In our new book, Ready for True Love, discover the 5 Dateable Traits both you and your Life Partner must have, if you want to attract, nurture, and blossom a romantic True Love relationship that lasts.

The 5 Dateable Traits are universal — applicable to women and men of all ages, persuasions, and walks of life.

Young woman with flowers in her hair, smiling
Young woman with flowers in her hair, smiling

Myths, Lies & True Love

Myths, Lies &

True Love

In this book, we also answer and dismantle some of the biggest myths, lies, and questions plaguing our society when it comes to Love, Dating, and relationships....

Which may be blocking you from ever experiencing True Love. Including:

  • Does True Love really exist?
  • Do nice guys always finish last?
  • Are women The Prize in a relationship?
  • Do they want me for Me, or for my Gold?
  • My partner cheated — should I stay or go?

Written with Love, from Our Hearts to Yours

Ready for True Love is written with honesty, wisdom and romantic realism by Love Moderne, a research collective where we study Love in all its forms —

Per our Global Love Mission to make the world a more Loving and Lovable place.

We love Love. We love sharing the Love. And we cannot wait to help you find and fall in True Love.

Young woman with flowers in her hair, smiling

All for Love & Love for All

All for Love &

Love for All

Ready for True Love is an insightful and delightful read for...

A young woman smiling brightly wearing red lipstick and a red sweater


Looking to find and fall in True Love.

Couple hugging and smiling outdoors in a winter landscape


Who want to live Happily Ever After.

A mature man smiling outdoors while listening to an audio lesson with headphones


Eager to get it right this time around.

Two young women smiling at a dinner party


To discuss during book club, over brunch, on a hike, et al.

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