Listen to This Music Playlist – Inspired by Mr. Darcy & \"Pride and Prejudice\"

If you wanted to make an ol skool mixtape featuring famous songs inspired by Mr. Darcy – the leading man in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice – what pop, rock, and R&B songs would you choose?

That's the question we asked and answered on our Love Moderne Podcast, in the last two episodes of our new series, Dateable? Season 1.

Our Dateable? – Mr. Darcy Mixtape After Party has an A Side episode, and a B Side episode.

Each episode features a fun mix of songs inspired by the plot, setting, and characters in Pride and Prejudice. Which we explored in depth during the first 4 episodes of Dateable? this season; when we analyzed just how Dateable Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy would really be in Real Life.

Our Darcy Mixtape After Party is available exclusively on Spotify.

So, put on your dancing shoes... strike a literary pose... and let's get ready to boogie!

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